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Cultural relativism morality essay

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In: Philosophy and Psychology. Normality is culturally defined. This implies that morality is a social construct and therefore the moral codes you hold, are a direct reflection of the societies codes in which you live. Further, the morals held by your society are not objective facts, but rather, varied from culture to culture. Neither side is wrong in their belief, despite the fact they are different beliefs. Relativism argues that not passing judgments against cultures allows for a greater sense of cultural appreciation.

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Cultural Relativism Essay

Cultural Relativism Essay - Words

What Cultural Relativism Is Cultural relativism is a moral theory. Moral theories are designed to help us figure out what actions are right and wrong. In the theory of cultural relativism, the theory holds that there is no universal morality that is recognized amongst all cultures. Different societies have different moral codes; 2.

17 Cultural Relativism Advantages and Disadvantages

Traditionally, the question of morality was very important and many philosophers researched the concept of morality and its practical application. As a result, views of philosophers on the concept of morality and its essence differ consistently. Today, it is possible to speak a variety of different approaches to morality and ethics. In this regard, the concept of ethical relativism is particularly noteworthy, especially in the context of the process of globalization, which affects not only economic but also cultural life of the world.
People change. Cultures change. Humanity is constantly evolving, developing, and adapting. Cultural relativism eliminates the rigidity that societies have in place regarding ethics, conduct, and reasoning. It also means that there are no actual definitions that are in place for a society.

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