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Essay on plastic and environment

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Plastic bags have been a way of life for the last 50 years, and the idea of changing something that has become a staple of our societies grocery stores is unthinkable. As technology increases and society becomes more aware of our environment, the environmental effects of plastic bags have been found to far outweigh the benefits. The main reason behind the negative impact of plastic bags on our environment is the inability to dispose of them in a way that will help eliminate the problem C. Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore written by Leyla Acaroglu.

Plastic Pollution Essay for Students and Kids in English

Essay on Plastic Pollution: Top 4 Essays

In recent years the question of whether the use of plastic should be banned or not is a recurring one mostly because people have become more aware of the damage it is doing and their renewed interest in conserving the environment for future generations and it has become more crucial than ever to understand the reasons of the effects of plastic in this should plastic be banned essay, we will dive into the nature of plastic, what it does to the environment and the rising debate between whether plastic should be banned or not. People are more aware of the fact that plastic is harmful to the environment and if we keep increasing the use of plastic it is possible that we are creating a more harmful environment sooner than later. In this essay on should plastic be banned it is important to understand that plastic in itself is not harmful when used, or recycled and reused, it is rather the littering of plastic on the streets, on land and water bodies, and the single-use plastic bags which are disposed in the same manner and cannot be recycled. Plastic is a non-biodegradable matter and takes eons to get decomposed so it is only natural that when such matter is only increasing then the threat to nature also rises. Many countries like Italy, Bangladesh, China, and Kenya have taken the initiative to ban the use of plastic and are not given any to the public at any check out counter. However, there are many countries that have not adopted this, as it is also difficult to find an alternative to plastic that is easily decomposable and safer for the environment.

Confronting plastic pollution to protect environmental and public health

Plastic is one of the most important things in the modern life of human being. It can be molded into any desired shape. It is cheap as compared to other materials and has more strength. It is a part of our day-to-day life.
What is Plastic Pollution? Plastics are synthetic materials that are made from synthetic resins or organic polymers. Examples of these polymers include nylon, PVC, and polyethylene.

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